Health Care Products and Marketing Mix

Health care products and services are those which are used to keep healthcare in good condition. These can be in the form of medical devices, therapeutic devices, healthcare products, medical supplies or consumables, and many other medical supplies. These are usually purchased for one’s self as well as for the use of other individuals or for a business.

There are many companies engaged in health care product development practices. It is important for an individual to choose the right company for such a critical endeavour as product development. For the information of the different components involved in the different health care products it is provided below, along with the various health care products that they manufacture and offer.

A health care product comprises of a complete system that is implemented to improve the quality of life of the individual or of a population at large. It has come to replace the traditional health care practice, which focused on the prevention of diseases by providing preventive care. The objective of such an endeavour is to make the life of an individual more comfortable by providing him with necessary services at a minimal cost. There are several companies engaged in product development practices that specialize in health care products.

This comprises of health care products like pharmaceutical drugs, medical supplies and devices, nutritional products, diagnostic and medical equipment, surgical products, blood and platelets, and therapy. The development of these products is dependent on the changes taking place in the medical arena. There have been some considerable changes in the medical practice in the last century, which have led to a drastic reduction in the number of deaths due to old diseases. Promotion of physical fitness has also contributed to this improvement in the health care practice.

The introduction of the health insurance scheme in the US was one of the major factors responsible for the evolution of the modern health care system. Under the scheme of health insurance, people have a choice to choose health care providers on the basis of their affordability. There are a few states that allow patients to visit doctors outside their state. These schemes of health insurance to cover most of the common healthcare services that American citizens require for daily life.

Another major factor responsible for the modern healthcare system in the US is the use of marketing mix. Marketing mix refers to the strategies adopted to promote a particular healthcare product through various media like radio, television, print and the internet. Some states in the US allow the free distribution of printed educational materials. Television and radio spots can be used to educate the masses about a disease, its symptoms and remedies and how to prevent them from being acquired. The internet can be used as an efficient tool for product development practices for marketing mix.