Home Health Care Product Development – The First five Pages

It can be overwhelming when it comes to finding private health care products. Private health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid plans about product choice are also pretty confusing. Not to mention the large number of alternative ways and options available today. You need a system that works for you, not one that works for the company that is trying to get you to sign up.

You need a system that gives you clear direction so you can make an educated decision. With so many health care products and options to choose from, this can be a very challenging task. It seems like every time a new product comes out everyone has a new opinion about it. With so much information it’s hard to decide which options will work best for your unique situation.

To keep it simple, I’m going to give you 5 pages to use as a reference point when evaluating health care products and a marketing mix. Hopefully, with this information you’ll be able to focus on developing a marketing mix that works for you. If you take all of these topics into consideration you will have no problem coming up with an effective health care product development practice.

Number One: The first page you need to look at is medical equipment. What type of medical supplies and equipment do you currently have? What types of medical equipment will you need in the near future? In the near future you want to be looking at all of your different medical equipment options to find products that will help improve your patient’s experience while decreasing your overhead costs.

Number Two: On your second page, you should find health insurance. This is very important because you want to develop a healthcare system that will work. As a patient you want to know you have good health care, period. This is going to be the determining factor when deciding which health services you will utilize and which ones you will turn to your family or friends for assistance in.

Number Three: On your third page you should also have a complete list of medical supplies and home health care products that are needed by both you and your loved one. At times my patients don’t have a complete list of what they need, so you may need to ask their loved one what they feel would be best for them. At the very least you will want to compile a complete list of all medical equipment and home health care products you will use. This makes your life easier in case something happens to your loved one.

Number Four: On your fourth page you should focus on developing a complete marketing mix. This will include advertising and promotional strategies. I like to keep my marketing mix simple. Basically you want to develop a great advertisement and then develop supportive healthcare system marketing plans around it. This is an important component of the healthcare system and any healthcare company or service provider.

The fifth and final item I look at is what the cardinal health conditions are for your patient. These five health conditions are Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes, and infection. You should have a complete and comprehensive list of these cardinal health conditions and their treatment. Then you will want to focus on your marketing mix to target these five diseases. All of this is key in your ability to develop a powerful healthcare brand and market conditions.

In addition to these key items, you also need to have many other medical supplies in your marketing mix. For example, you should have several types of bed rails in your home health care products assortment. It doesn’t matter if you have one or several types. I recommend three types: foam mattress covers, sheet protectors and non-surgical bed rails.

Once you have gone through the first five pages of your healthcare system marketing plan you can move to the second five pages. You will need to have a complete list of all of your services, both office-based and in-home care services. You should also have at least two pages dedicated to home healthcare services and prescription drugs in your overall health insurance product development plan.

That’s it! You’ve completed the first five pages of your home health care product development strategy. Now it’s time to write your cover letter and thank you letters for all of the help throughout this process. Your letter and thank you letters will be the deciding factors as to whether or not you attract the right people to your medical supplies business. I hope you all find the success you seek!